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Options and Accessories
Hidden Fero Rod - $4.95
Belt Carry/Tinder Pouch - $6.95
TERA-Light Red  - $64.95
TERA-Light Silver - $59.95
TERA-Light Black - $64.95

To place an order please click the menu button below or call us at 585 305-3017 or email We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. Shipping within the USA is $5.25.  International customers please contact for actual shipping cost. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE - We are currently on a planned shut down. Website orders may be placed as usual,  however shipments will be held until 6/23.

Several models are available for immediate shipment on

Each Igniter comes with carbon fabric tinder, nesting fiber, spare O rings and complete instructions.
The hollow Survival Pod top with O ring sealed cap contains a hidden fero rod, a solar burning lens plus room for tinder.

Tri-Light Silver - $79.95
Tri-Light Red   - $84.95

The Survival Pod piston is interchangeable with the standard piston and is also offered separately below.

Survival Pod - $21.95
TERA-Light Models
NEW - Tri-Light offers three fire making options in a single device
New for 2014.......
The new Micro is the latest evolution in the TERA-Light design. Its the world's smallest compression fire starter and weighs only 2 ounces. The redesigned pressure release system permits easier cleaning of the cylinder.

Micro Silver - $62.95
Micro Red   - $64.95

The hidden fero rod option is compatible with this model.

The new Fero-Light ferocerium sparking rods feature a hollow handle with O ring sealed cap for tinder storage. Perfect for keeping veseline impregnated cotton balls. A high carbon steel scraping blade is attached.

Available in Red and Silver colors

Silver - $22.95
Red   - $24.95