Since the dawn of time, man has sought to control fire...

Imagine a survival fire lighting device that requires no spark, no chemicals and no batteries. It never runs out of fuel or requires re-charging....

Because it ignites using the air we breathe and organic plant materials found in nature.

The scientifically engineered and patent pending TERA-Light device utilizes the thermodynamic principle of adiabatic compression - air molecules release heat when rapidly compressed. With a single push of the hand, the TERA-light device causes instantaneous combustion by releasing a thermal discharge of several hundred degrees Fahrenheit - literally creating fire from air. 


  • Patent Pending pressure release mechanism - Twist body 1/2 turn and depress plunger to release trapped air.
  • A spare O ring is stored under cap.
  • 100% made is the USA using state of the art CNC tooling
  • Lifetime repair / replace warranty

Material - 6061 aluminum
Length -  4.25"   
Diameter 1.00"
Weight - 4 oz.
Optional hidden ferrocerium rod offers a secondary fire starting method.

TERA-Light - A themodynamic fire starting device

( T.E.R.A. - Thermal Energy Released from Atmosphere )
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NEW for 2014 - Tera-Light "MICRO"
Click herSpecifications:
Material - 6061 aluminum
Length -  3.40"   
Diameter .750"
Weight - 2 oz.e to add text.